IGN: Batman's New Game Deserves a Better Tease Than This


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Dec 11, 2018
Nearly five years since the launch of the last full-fledged Batman: Arkham game, WB Games finally seems poised to reveal a continuation of Batman’s Arkham legacy. But rather than let the Dark Knight step into the spotlight with the fanfare he deserves, WB’s promotional teases feel as if they’re testing the patience of fans rather than delivering what they’ve long hoped for — and possibly setting the developers up for unfair judgment, too.

As it stands right now, a new Batman game hasn’t officially been announced, but ever since Rocksteady’s trilogy came to a close in 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight, fans have waited for the next in the series. Even as Rocksteady moved on to a still-unannounced new project (after completing Batman: Arkham VR), the world has waited for a return to Gotham.

And it sets the developers up for an unfair first reveal. There are a lot of expectations placed on the first follow-up to Arkham Knight, and these logos keep creating the expectation for that reveal to drop any day now. Even the PS5 logo reveal from earlier this week, while a small thing, came with Jim Ryan’s promise that more about Sony’s next console will be known in the coming months. But for Batman, these teases have been followed by...nothing, making some fans irate for having to wait for a marketing plan that trades in hype but lacks in substance. (Yes, it’s fun to wonder how the League of Shadows or Court of Owls or GCPD may be involved, but with so little to go off of, it’s hard to speculate beyond figuring out what comic book runs to go read. And if the first reveal doesn’t showcase why these teases matter, it could further muddy the waters.)

A tease is a tease, no such thing as a better one. People just need to wait for official info dump.
I think for a tease this is good. Considering DC and Marvel are full of female heroes. I think they are building up tease for real heroes.

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