If you had to choose only one game to play for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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Mar 23, 2019
Imagine this scenario - you are required to choose only one video game from the thousands available out there and you have to play only that for the rest of your life. That sounds truly like a horror scene for a gamer, lol. But now, which specific video game would you choose to be with you till the time separate you from it?

As thinking of now I would go with Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The repetitive value there is good, you can play as many as you want competitive matches and never get bored from it as what is going to happen is always different. Also, nearly 90% of my friends are playing CS:GO and I will be able to play with them for more fun.
I'd say then In such case I'd definitely choose the strategic game like age of mythology or some horror game like say the beast inside etc. Because I love more of survival theme. And if I can spend time playing it all the time then yes survival games would be lot better on that note. It's definitely fun to try some of the survival games as they tend to eat lot of time too during weekend.
Would be a Pokemon game but it would have to always have something new in the game to play. If it had to always be the same then I would say either a Call of Duty game or Battlefield V.
I think any game with open world and the no restriction on the enemies can be a good game to start with. I have had my share of the good games in the market. And it was pretty much interesting to try out the gaming in such context for it to work. Open world games have more future from what I have seen.

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