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If you could stream with one famous content creator, who would it be?


The probability of gaming hood with a successful YouTuber is extremely slim, but today I wanted to ask the community the question. If you could play on YouTube, Twitch or any other sharing platform with a famous content creator, who would it be and why? Which game would you like to play together?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
I'd like to play PUBG with Shroud myself - he just seems like a cool fella and someone I'd get along with. Plus, getting the chance to play alongside someone who's so good at the game you love? Dang, I'd fall over myself to even learn 1% of his skill. Watching him play is just godlike and he has a level of skill I would just love to have.


Some youtubers are worth following and also worth playing with them. I know that there are always someone new to the gaming. And it is fun to know other people. It is good that they get to make some money while doing this. It's kind of fun though seeing playing with the top gamers.


I like the YouTuber Zero. I think he's interesting to watch. I wouldn't mind playing some Super Smash Bros with him after I get better at the game. Might learn a view things. You only improve when you play with people that are really good. It's how you get better. You'll never get better at a game if your always facing N00bs.


I think there needs to be some sort of platform where many gamers come into one place. And we can see the top youtubers and gamers there. So playing in team and group would be fun over there.

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