If you could only play on one platform library, which would it be?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
If you could only play one platforms library for the rest of your life, which would it be? Think of all the exclusives all the varying platforms have and the capabilities before getting out your answer to this one! For me, I think I would actually stick to PC over other platforms because of the mass variety of games on offer via Steam and the modding capabilities that would allow me to start switching out game elements when they start to get a bit tired.

I'd miss my Pokemon though. :(

What about you?
Generally i think id prefer the playstation platform. Just a bit sad that i have to pay for PS4 live.
My choice would be mobile. Android is pretty much matured platform. And here the amount of money developers can make is unlimited. And also there seems to be demand for some of such games lately. And I am pretty much satisfied with the mobile gaming. I'd pick that for the gaming for the rest of life if required.
Normally I would choose Nintendo and Pokemon but if I had access to the entire library for the rest of my life to be honest I would have to go with Xbox One. Because that's the rest of your life and xbox is much better than nintendo for large quantities of time. Nintendo has better games in my opinion overall but it's better to play Xbox One for the rest of your life than Nintendo.
I have found the android games to be cheaper and also play wise lot better variety. So I tend to choose the android. The reason is also that console games overall cost a lot. And the money that we consider for the overall cost can be surely affecting from what I have noticing.

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