If you could make your own video game, what would it be like?


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Feb 1, 2019
I know mine would be something like game of thrones or like the Mentalist, some "detective-ich" game, what about you ?
Wow, that's a good question. I suppose it would be an open world game, a mix of fantasy and scifi. You can create your own character by appearance, clothing and even voice, be able to choose between good, evil or indifferent and be able to recruit teammates with some even being pets. You could build your own romance within the game and more. It would be a mashup of Ark, Fallout, Final Fantasy and Skyrim.
I'd have several options when it comes to this question. I say I'd make 2-3 of my own games. One I would really like is to great a SCI-FI MMO. Another one would be an RTS. 3rd one probably and FPS. So many options hehe.
I never stopped, in fact, to think about it. However, I'm sure it would be something very dark, intense and with a lot of good characters like Resident Evil or Sillent Hill... Who knows a mix of both?

Certainly... Would be a very interesting game, wouldn't it? :)
If I have the capability to create my own game, I will do an RPG game like the Final Fantasy but it would not follow a storyline. The user can customize their own avatar then join an online battle game. Their skills or special powers will be unlocked if they reached the next level or bought it. There is also an option wherein players could venture and battle monsters alone. They could also ask for a team to join to finish a certain adventure. It is like a League of Legends game but it is viewed in first person point of view.
I would go for educational and value formation game. Sounds like preachy, rigth?, and it does sounds boring. However, I just find that games nowadays are getting brutal and the fact that it's accessible even to younger makes me think about it.
I always wanted an open world adventure game MMORPG .. Taking a lot of quest and obtaining achievements .
A virtual reality game about zombie. That would be an awesome game for sure. Zombie fan will like it and will be addicted to this game.
One of the most powerful combinations in my opinion, is the surrealism of horror stories with the reality of psychological challenges (and their challenging characters). So, if I had to make a game, it would have exactly this basis of construction (and I think it would be awesome, haha!).
I always have had this idea in mind for a game. Don't want to give too much away but it's about dragons. :)
I am currently learning the game development with the GoDot engine. And my focus is trying to make most of the types of the game. And then settle for the something that is easier and people like it. I may consider making tower defense type of games. So far not much have learned from that experience yet to make a finished product.
I have always been into tactics games. I grew up with board games and I would really like to incorporate such games into the digital games that we have now. I know a lot have done it already, but I would really like to have one where I could customize every chararcter. Sort of a chess like games but instead I could have all queen ranked.
This one's a tough one because there are so many that I would love to make. But if I had to choose I would probably go with an open world game that is truly realistic and like life. It would take a lot from games like GTA V which are open world and you have a lot of freedom. The difference being that you would have to get your own jobs, choose to be a criminal or a good person etc. And then I would try to get vehicle gameplay from either Forza Horizon or the Crew 2.
I never thought about this. But now that you have raised it, I would go with a plot depicting good and evil at play based on people's decisions. I find that most games have become highly violent, which probably tells a lot about the current state of the world. But mostly, people do not draw the link between decisions and consequences. That is what I would like to highlight.
I easily get addicted to games but I also easily get tired of it so if I would make my own game, I would like my game to be something that I will never be bored of. It must always have something to look up for or a challenge for a prize so that I will always crave for it. In terms of what kind, perhaps, I would love genres like mystery, like detectives, or adventures of sorts.
I have never thought to this before, but if I would have the chance I would probably create an SF video game something related to space and aliens.
Probably an RTS, but with live progression of empires. Would be cool to see something new on the market.
Wow, that's a good question. I've never really thought about this up until now to be honest. I would probably go for a realistic open world virtual reality game like GTA.
Mine would include zombies. I love zombie movies so I would love for a game that would incorporate that. Has there been one? Let me know so I could check on it.
Survival games and the games with the interesting output seems to be lot better on many notes. I'd just say that there always needs to have some sort of change. That way you can have more different games and variety of such games make the developer more money in the due process. That's what I have seen so far.

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