If you could change anything in a game, what would it be?


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Aug 1, 2019
If you could change anything in any game you play, what would it be and why? I myself play a range of games but just recently I have found myself playing Fortnite a lot due to the updates and the fact that they have more than just the BR side of the game now with game modes such as Team Rumble. If I could change one thing about Fortnite I would like to change the fact that Team Rumble doesn't have a whole lot going for it right now. Team Rumble is more like a team deathmatch mode so something I would love to see change for that specific game mode would be the chance to earn medals such as head shot medals, double kill medals or even triple kill medals. I feel it would be a lot of fun.
I understand where you’re coming from lol. I personally don’t Fortnite anymore because I’m just not a big fan of the whole Battle Royale concept. If I could change something in Fortnite, it’d probably be a team death match thing but less intense with respawning.

I’ve been playing Rainbow Six Siege a lot recently and something I would add is a police VS. criminals game mode. This is kind of what the game was originally advertised as. Instead of the regular operators, it’d be police/SWAT experts goin neutralizing criminals holding the place hostage or police defending a station.

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I don't like liberalism in games or say political correctness. So if any game is preaching that I would love to change that. And people have to keep politics and propaganda out of games. We have to let games be like in 90s.

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