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If you could become the owner of one game company?


The question is basically in the thread's tittle -- which video game company would you choose if you could become the owner of it? So, that you have made your choice what are the reasons for it? Would you choose a game company which is more profitable than your favourite one?

Personally, If I could, I would go for Telltale nonetheless it has bankrupted, lets say the early ages of the company. Their video games are awesome, especially The Walking Dead. The story there is so awesome but unfortunately, it has come to its end. If anyone could continue the story of the game it would be amazing!
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I wouldn't. I'd plan on creating my own business and then I would have achieved big success in my lifetime giving me a purpose for being on Earth knowing I've made a positive difference to people's lifes.

Although the only challenge I may come across is how to undertake such a project.

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