[email protected] Spotlight features Spiritfarer, Skater XL, Unto the End, more


Dec 11, 2018
Number one in our Spotlight series features a deep dive into Spiritfarer, plus West of Dead, Airport for Aliens, Haven, Adios and Bonkies. More to come!

Number 2 in our Spotlight series takes a look at Drake Hollow and 5 other upcoming titles: Edge of Eternity, Atomicrops, Hazel Sky, Moving Out and Kings Bounty II. Because [email protected]!

The third in our Spotlight series takes a look at The Red Lantern, plus these awesome titles with descriptions from the devs behind Bartlow's Dread Machine, Legend of Keepers, The Second Chance Project, Ikenfell and Lake. No GDC this year? [email protected] has you covered!

Video 4 in our Spotlight series gets you up close and personal with Unto the End, along with closer looks at Minute of Islands, Project Wingman, Skater XL, Undying, and Revenant's reach.

Welcome to Video 5 in our series, bringing you previews from some of the hottest devs around the world. Check out Star Renegades, and dive into Drink More Glurp, Supermash, The Vale, She Dreams Elsewhere, and Calico.

We have a lot coming up this year, and Video number 6 spotlights Ghost Runner, plus five more awesome games: Mayhem in Single Valley, Levelhead, Maid of Sker, The Big Con and Kung Fu Kickball. Enjoy some close looks at the future of indie gaming in 2020!