‘I will do everything I can to keep the shop open': Dallas salon owner opens despite order to close


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Dec 11, 2018
Shelley Luther opened her Far North Dallas salon on Wednesday morning expecting to be arrested.

Neither the state nor Dallas County consider salons essential during the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, Luther operated Salon a la Mode like she normally would. As of Wednesday afternoon, with a group of supporters on hand, customers in the store and Dallas police officers watching, Luther hadn’t been taken to jail.
Luther tore up a cease and desist letter Saturday from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins at a rally in Frisco and ignored a temporary restraining order signed Tuesday by state District Judge Eric Moyé. Gov. Greg Abbott is allowing some businesses to reopen Friday with 25% capacity but salons aren’t yet included.
Officers entered the store around noon, but made no arrests. The Dallas Police Department said it’s taking a “supporting role” and that the city’s code of compliance office was taking the lead. It was unclear whether code compliance officers were at the salon Wednesday.

This COVID 19 pandemic has affected all of us. Now we have something of a Stay at Home order, which is known as the MCO, or the Movement Control Order. This order prohibits us from going anywhere. But now its been moved down to a CMCO, or a Controlled Movement Controlled Order. We also have something called an EMCO, which is an Enhanced Movement Control Order. Its basically a controlled movement order, with but this time, with the necessary precautions. These are some of the steps we're taking to STOP COVID 19, from ever spreading. #STOPCOVID19
These people need to stop this rebellious attitude towards COVID19. We need to slow the spread, but people who defies orders aren't helping. The fact that the person wants to open or operate the salon in defiance towards the order, is going to lose not just the business (requires business license, business permits, etc.), but also the "good" press, which in turn loses the business ...customers. Ya know, the people who pay money? Ugh. So stupid.
I dont actually find much wrong in it.

Earning and fair wages are very important too. People cant live without money indefinitely. With no signs of the COVID19 crisis coming down, it is the need of the hour, to continue with economic activity while at the same time mitigating the issues of infection.

For people who are well off and those that are supported by government tremendously, its easy. Otherwise, living through this 2020 is a horrendous ordeal.
At the beginning of the post, I was going to point out that reopening is unwise, but now I'm on the same page as Lord Saru, and I see what they're getting at.

COVID-19 goes beyond the immediate reaction, and has caused many people to lose their jobs or their lives. 2020 is already a poor year, but people have lost their livelihood.

I do think that opening the shop may have been rebellious, and I can't condone it.
But, as a normal human, with thoughts and feelings, I can't condemn it.

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