I spent 1,600 php for gaming.. how bout you?


Oh, seems like you loved playing games that much because you totally spend money for a game. As long as you are enjoying and you have the budget, it's good. :)


I don't have any problems with spending money on gaming but I'm still careful with what I purchase. I tend to get a couple of newly released games every year and then I also have to spend a bit on my PlayStation Plus membership. In total, I probably spend around $250 a year on gaming purchases, although sometimes less if there aren't any good games out. I believe $250 is around 13,000 PHP.


1600 PHP is not much from what I have noticed. I have spent around 800$ for both phone and PC. I think my expenses are rising because I tend to play the in app game purchase. And it can be pretty difficult to keep up with the expenses. I know for sure that gaming takes some time and money. So expenses are expected.


I haven't spent too much on gaming in a while. At most in a year, I might spend around $250 to $350 for games, depending on what the games are.
I haven't spent even a peso at gaming, that is because I'm not actually a hard gamer, I don't actually take games super seriously, as if it is my life is depending on it. I see games the way it must be seen, for entertainment.