How well are gaming cafes doing?


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Jan 24, 2019
Does that seem like a possibility in your area? When I was in South Korea - it seemed like there was at least - five for every small town. :oops: Anyway, the idea is worthless in the US ; it just hasn't caught on.

O.K. what do these places have? Top notch gaming computers you rent for an hour (usually 1 Korean Won an hour) - as well as drinks and snacks.
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I think gaming cafes are less likely to be profitable today. The reason being everyone has access to internet. Stadia will make console purchase useless. And also the platform such as stadia won't make a need for the external cafe and the places as well.
Pretty much everyone has access to a basic Internet connection nowadays, so what's the need to go a Gaming Cafe when gamers can play from the comfort of their own homes?

Launching a store would be too much of a big undertaking and I can't see it being that profitable as a business.
South Korea has one on every corner - even in the smallest towns! Anyway, they haven't caught on the west I think. Any reasons why? Anyhow, being a gaming cafe worker has to be the laziest job - aside from a librarian. ;)

O.K., the advantage of a gaming cafe - is simply the fact gamers of any age can enjoy top-notch gaming - without having to dish out a big load of cash for equipment. In fact, I'm sure starting up a cafe would be a hefty investment of at least $100,000 USD. Well, that's just a guess.
We have a lot of such cafes too. But that business to be honest doesnt last long. Because gamers have bad habits and they dont' care for the keyboard and the devices in the cafe. so lot of maintenance required.
Where I live, I can't see I have seen any gaming cafes which is a shame. A gaming cafe would be an awesome addition to a town like where I live and I would imagine would be a great business venture if you had the cash to be able to set something up like that. I would imagine gaming cafes would be great places to be able to meet new people who share the same interests as you where you live. Online gaming is great for meeting gamers that have the same interests as you around the world but often you lack gaming friends where you live.
In past gaming cafes were like mushroom. And they used to make a lot of money. Nowa days people only go there when they don't want to play at home and want to play away from work too. So they are not much in demand as much as they used to be. I remember even expensive internet days they used to be in demand.

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