Question How to get more subscribers on YouTube gaming channel?

Nobody really bothers with me, but I've had some modest success lately due to my association with other YouTubers. ?
Just keep doing what you're doing now, create content and do cool stuff. If you do cool stuff you won't need to worry about "how to grow my channel" because subscribers will come by themselves.
To be honest, we should be more concerned about getting users to come to JoyFreak and NOT YouTube. I posted a Gamescom thread like 2 days ago. Nobody is clearly watching Gamescom then. :D
The answer is put great video content on your channel and promote them in several Facebook groups which are related to gaming. This way you could get some quick subscribers.
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Hi friends, I've started a new YouTube gaming channel two weeks ago and I'm looking to get more subscribers. Kindly give me your valuable feedback so I can improve my channel.
Youtube is the most popular platform in young generation nowadays and it is also very difficult to gain
the subscribers or views on our videos. The most important rule is to upload the interesting data which help the viewers or make them laugh or something.

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