How to fix League of Legends FPS drop on Windows 10


Dec 7, 2021
Currently, League of Legends is one of the most popular games among users. However, in the process of participating in the game, the LOL FPS (loi tut FPS LOL) drop error occurs quite often. Here we will learn together some ways to fix FPS drop error simply, quickly and effectively.

What is FPS in LOL?

FPS is the abbreviation of the English phrase: Frames Per Second, which is understood as the number of frames per second. The FPS number will reflect the number of images drawn on the player's screen at a particular second. Theoretically, the higher the FPS number, the smoother all the movements of the character in the game will be.


The lowest FPS limit for the game will be 24 frames per second, corresponding to the early TVs. At this level, the player will see all the movements happen very seamlessly, quickly. If the FPS is lower than 24 frames per second, it will make the images jerky, laggy as well as there will be some details in the game such as being teleported.

Instead of moving slowly, slowly in a certain direction. Normally, the lowest limit of FPS should be 30 fps. In case the player's machine reaches 60 frames per second, you can play the game smoothly with extremely sharp images.

Problems affecting LOL's FPS

The player's computer configuration and in which the graphics card is the most important factor. Besides, there are CPU, RAM and motherboard. For better quality models, the FPS will be higher, whereas for low-quality models, the FPS will be low.

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Set the player's ingame configuration, the lower the configuration setting, the higher the FPS will be, and vice versa, the higher the configuration setting, the lower the FPS will be.

For the game League of Legends, it will be designed so that players can make the most of the resources of the computer and especially the graphics card.

If the FPS is low, what effects will it have on players?

If the frame rate is too low, it will have a great effect on the player's playing process. The fact that the computer does not display timely as well as does not respond to the interactions from the character will make the player feel very uncomfortable. In particular, for a game with high contrast and interaction like League of Legends, the slow response will cause the player to lose.

Along with that, if you play games with low FPS for a long time, it will cause a lot of negative health reactions. Just like in the process of participating in the game, the situation of jerking, lag, and freeze will happen very often.


The reason why players encounter an error of FPS drop during playing League of Legends
Normally, the FPS drop error will often happen to players using computers with FPS below 30. So in order for players to play well, the process of moving characters as well as using normal skills. Then FPS in league of legends, your device must be over 30FPS. If the player wants to play smoother, faster, with sharper images, it will have to be 60FPS.
  • The player has not updated the Driver on his computer.
  • The player's in-game configuration settings are not suitable, the higher the configuration, the lower the FPS will be and vice versa.
  • Configuration of the computer: CPU, GPU, RAM, graphics card, temperature...
  • Too many applications running outside such as: Chrome, Edge, Spotify...
Implement Game Mode on

In case the player's computer is currently using Windows 10, it will now have a built-in Game Mode mode.

. Step 1: Players proceed to click on the Windows + X combination and select Settings.

. Step 2: Then you click on the Gaming item and then turn on Game Mode and you're done.

Update Computer Driver

A computer driver is a piece of software that has been integrated from the beginning to help the operating system control and use the hardware of the machine. If the player is using the old version, it will make your FPS go up and down erratically and unstable. Because of this, players should regularly update drivers so that your computer is always in the strongest and most active state.

Turn off unnecessary running applications

There are a lot of players who love listening to music and playing league of legends at the same time, so they will open Chrome or Spotify. However, players do not know that using these applications will be very bad for memory. Just like in the process of playing, you will often encounter an error of FPS drop.

Therefore, to get the most enjoyable game experience, you should turn off or turn off all background applications as well as running outside.


Turn off full screen optimization

This is the function that the Windows operating system has available with the main purpose of not letting other applications affect the Full Screen mode during your participation in the game. This is an important factor that causes FPS drops when players proceed to play League of Legends.

Step 1: First, the player proceeds to right-click on the icon of the league of legends game and select Properties.

Step 2: Next, click on Compatibility, here will appear a text Disable fullscreen optimizations located below. At this point, you click on the tick mark to complete the process of turning off full screen optimization.

Make adjustments to the graphics level in the game

For the most part, for low-profile devices, players will have to leave a low graphics level in the game league of legends. And if in the case of a normal user's machine, it is still at a high graphics level, but an error of FPS drop occurs LOL. At this point, players can make lower adjustments to be able to play the game smoother as well as without lag or freeze.


Adjust the power for the computer

.Step 1: First, the player proceeds to right-click on the Taskbar, then click on Task Manager.

.Step 2: Here, the player sees which application consumes memory, now you perform a right-click and End task for light.

Most devices using Windows operating system will be left in Balanced mode. If players play games on laptops, this is the main factor causing FPS drops when playing League of Legends.

Step 1: To fix the LOL FPS drop error, the player first clicks on the Windows + X combination and selects the System item.

Step 2: Here, click on the Power item on the left side and you will see the machine display the line Additional power settings. Here, the player clicks on High performance to complete.

Above are some instructions on how to fix the LOL drop error simply, quickly and most effectively. Hopefully with the sharing of the above article, players will have more understanding as well as new knowledge. Wish you have the most fun gaming moments!
Thanks for the guide! it looks really well, will for sure add this to favourites, in case I do have any FPS drop error in the future.

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