How To Discover Fun New Board Games


Love trying new board games? There are so many exciting underrated board games out there on the market. However, most people don’t know where to look to find these board games. Quite often it involves immersing yourself within the board game community. Below are just a few great examples of ways to discover new board games.

Play board game nights with friends​

Many people discover new board games simply by arranging board game nights with friends. There may be people in your friend circle who own board games that you’ve never tried before - they may be able to help introduce you to these games. Similarly, there may be games that you can introduce to friends. You could even consider throwing regular board game nights and you could challenge each other to track down new board games to play.

Join local board game clubs​

If you don’t have many friends who are into board games or simply want to meet more board game enthusiasts, another option is to look into local board games groups. Many large towns and cities will have board game social groups that you may be able to find online. Universities will meanwhile typically have board game societies for students. Consider signing up to one of these clubs.

Follow board game review YouTube channels and podcasts​

There are many YouTube channels and podcasts dedicated to reviewing and discussing board games. These can be great places to discover new board games. A few examples that could be worth checking out include:
  • The Dice Tower
  • Shut Up & Sit Down
  • Watch It Played
  • Thinker Themer
  • John Gets Games
  • No Pun Included
  • 3 Minute Board Games
  • Board Game Co
  • So Very Wrong About Games (podcast)

Search for board games catered around your interests​

You may be able to find board games simply by searching on Google for board games around your interests. For example, love Harry Potter? A simple search online could help you to find lists of various Harry Potter board games. Love crime-solving board games? There are many lists online for board games that involve crime-solving (and which aren’t Cluedo).

Check out board game forums​

Online forums are another brilliant place to learn about new board games. Possibly one of the best forums for discovering new board games in Reddit’s ‘/r/boardgames’ - this has a large following and contains many great discussions about board games. There are a few other forums across the internet (such as this one) that you can also use to discover new board games.

Read board game blogs and magazines​

Finally, there are board game blogs and magazines that you can read. These are likely to include reviews of new board games and lists which can be great for helping you to discover new games. What are some of the best blogs and magazines worth reading? A few great examples include:
  • Spielbox (magazine)
  • Casual Game Insider (magazine)
  • Tabletop Gaming (magazine)
  • Board Game Quest (blog)
  • Everything Board Games (blog)
  • Shut Up & Sit Down (blog)
  • Zatu Games (blog)
  • Board Game Meeple Lady (blog)

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