How to conserve space in a one bedroom apartment?


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Jan 10, 2019
I live in one room only. It's a small space that has all my life in it— sitting room, dining room, and bedroom. Im struggling to find the room to store the equipment.

Where should I keep them? Any advice on conserving more space?

Thank you.
Any chance of getting shelving into the room either from the floor on up or onto the walls? Be about your only option other than setting aside a place to stack stuff and pull it out as needed.
Get a bigger room?
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I'd say get rid of the books and the boxed game packs. Try to have most of your things digital. Like say amazon kindle for the books. And the steam for the games. You can also reduce the clutter by not buying the console and instead have everything in laptop or the desktop. You can save a lot of money and space with this approach.

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