How to Appeal a Ban or Warning

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Oct 21, 2019
If you're browsing this thread, then you're probably wondering how to get your ban or warning reduced or lifted. The moderation team aren't soulless robots. We all understand that you're human beings, and that you can get stressed out, or say things that you don't mean to someone else.

However, in order for your ban or warning to be overturned, you'll need to convince us that:
  • you understand why you were banned or warned (if you don't, you may ask a moderator to remind you)
  • you acknowledge that you will not repeat the behaviour that led to you getting banned or warned in the future or
  • you acknowledge that the ban or warn will not be necessary to prevent your destructive behaviour on JoyFreak.

When you receive a warning or ban, your account will be notified. If you wish to appeal then you must create a thread in this forum.

Please title your thread as follows:
[Date] - Ban Appeal (if you wish to seek your ban lifted)
[Date] - Warning Appeal (if you want your warning removed)

Once you create your thread, a moderator may reply to it and begin asking you questions such as the ones above. Please be patient - the moderators are sometimes busy. However, if you go more than 3 days without a response, it's fine to tag a member of staff and gently nudge them with a request.

Please remember that this forum allows other users to participate in the appeal threads and have their say as well. We strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the rules and standards of our community. Discussions should be about the ban or warning only and any off-topic discussions may lead to a permanent ban.

Locked Appeals
These are some conditions that could lead to the appeal marked as locked:
  • The thread is locked as accepted. The user's ban or warning is removed.
  • The thread is locked as denied. The user's ban or warning is upheld.
  • The thread is locked as invalid (see below for reasons why).

Invalid Appeals
  • User does not have any active bans or warnings on their account. Making multiple false appeals with no restrictions is grounds for a permanent ban.
  • The appeal is meaningless or pure trolling. Appeal will be closed. If the user makes a second trolling appeal, they will be permanently banned.
  • More than one appeal is active at any given time within the last seven days. Users may only appeal once per week.

Be aware that re-offenders are treated more harshly than first-time offenders. In the event that you are banned or warned a second time shortly after an accepted appeal, you will be shown more scrutiny.

Please do not send PMs to moderators or administrators asking to be unbanned as we will simply ask you to place your case in a new thread in this forum.
Thread is locked and not open for further replies.