How This 41-Year-Old Anesthesiologist Spends Her $1.3M Income


Dec 25, 2018
I'm 41 years old, living in New Jersey. I work as a doctor and I make about $1.3 million a year through practicing medicine and other investments.

I have about $6 million in savings. One million in 401k, 350,000 in a Roth IRA, and $4.6 million in other investments, stocks, and bonds. After taxes my take-home is $75,833 a month. $2,600 a month goes to my mortgage, 600 on average on utilities, and $300 on monthly subscriptions. This includes a gym membership and medical subscriptions.

That leaves around $72,333 a month to spend.

I have no credit card debt and $80,000 in student loans. I still have about $80,000 in student loans and the reason I haven't paid it off is because it's at 1.25% interest and my very intelligent financial planner said, Why bother? I make more money investing that than I do having paid it off and not having that money as a lump sum in an investment portfolio.

In order to be where I am today, I went through 12 years of schooling. I have a medically related business, and then the money that I have saved up that has yielded investments are the result of my work.



Mar 24, 2019
Ooooooh, this was painful to read. God, how love to get even half of what she makes a year.

Also she should really knock out that debt, you never know when you might not be able to work or lose a job.