How old were you when you first played GTA: San Andreas?

I played San Andreas on PS2 as soon as it came out. Moreover, it was my first PS2 game ever. I was like 12 or so I believe.
That was one good game. And in fact that the game franchise was getting started on the gaming. Another interesting thing about the GTA is that new games always had something interesting to keep playing for. Those were the times.
I can't exactly remember but I was probably around 13-14. I can't remember when it came out but I do remember playing San Andres with my cousin. Was some good times right there. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
I am guessing many of those in the 90s would relate to the arcade and other similar gaming devices. And it is definitely a good game that most of us have played in the market.
If I remember correctly I was around 10 or 11 years old before hitting the streets of San Andreas. I have spent a lot of time playing Vice City and lately moved to GTA: San Andreas. It was a big step up in terms of gaming experience and in my opinion I had a lot more fun than in Vice City. Both video games are amazing but the bigger map is always better.

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