How old is 'too old' for video games?


Feb 1, 2019
One of the misconception and non gamers make about gamers is that video games are for kids . This one is disappointing and I get it all the time of course the first basic video games that we have known is Mario Bros and stuff like that were intended for children but the medium has grown just as the players who played them the mainstream God of War or Resident Evil are all geared toward mature gamers and most games are rated "M" for mature.

There's a reason for that because the main audience as adults are buying these things. But of course there will always be a place for children in video games with Skylanders and even mine craft and stuff like that but it's a growing medium with growing creative works and strategy and a lot of the gamers who started playing as children have now grown up and the medium has followed that being said of course.
No, I agree to you. Gaming is for everybody. You may seem old but if your early childhood is a gaming time, then you can enjoy your life to make some flashback of what you love the most. I saw many people in old age playing games for fun and entertainment, so gaming is for everybody.
Anyone who thinks that way on this subject these days is very late, haha! I mean... Of course not everyone can think the same, but this stereotype that video game is childish is so old that it's worthless.

Video games are for any age. By the way, a good part of the public that keeps this industry making lots of money every year is the adult audience (just to make a good observation here, haha!).
There is no age for gaming, however, it is true that some people do better than others on certain games. For example, my parents can never play fighting games as good as I. And I cannot beat my nephew on racing games.
Im old school gamer who share my passion with my daughter playing latest titles on xbox, pc, or mobile phones.
Lately, we entered into mobile legends tournament held during philippine leg. Although we did not reached championship finals, our 3 wins is quite satisfactory considering except to my daughter who still in school all of us has our regular jobs and just practice during weekends.

The team we beat was really full time teams composed of young players who are housed together for months. Im hoping that next season we could still improved our performance.
Gaming is indeed for everybody. I think, the main reason why kids are mostly the ones who play video games is that, they don't have too much responsibilities and they don't have too much concerns with their health. Well, I think that at least, once in a while, we should have fun and play.
My weekends is well spent with my daughter palying games in our homes instead of spending it somewhere like malls, beach resorts or parks.

Honestly, gaming make my relatioship with my child super close. She is more open to me as she can consult me or confide with me with ease. We watch korean boy group concert (bts) together although most of the time I feel ackward as Im out of place. Recently, my daughter declares that I belong to mellinnial generation because we shared the same passion in life.
I quite agree. The gaming business has evolved to an even more complicated stuff. Most games right now are being enjoyed not just by children but mostly adult. It's a profitable business where more profits are gained when it is geared towards creating online and offline games that appeal more to those who had the money to buy for.
I also agree because the adults we call nowadays they are part of the gaming community that arisen years 2000-2004 to be exact now they are just like us having the passion for gaming itself. I'm actually 21 yrs old now and I feel like I'm adult enough but still, I continue to play my favorite online/offline PC games. So to conclude, age is not a basis for your passion to continue supporting the game you love even if you have your own family or what age you have right now.
Good thing about games is that they have no age restrictions for adults. It doesn't matter how old you are as long as you love gaming then go for it. I just ignore other people when they say I haven't grown out of my "game phase". There's no growing out of something that I enjoy doing during my spare time. It can easily be compared to physical sports for some and even arts for others.
There is no age limit in playing. As long as you have free time and you want to have some fun thru gaming, it is possible.
Age is just a spectrum and should never be seen as something that holds you back. After you become an adult, there is no limit to what game you can play. There are full-blown thirty years old, still playing video games due to there consistent love for it. No one is too old to play the games they love.
Gaming is for everyone, not just for kids. True some games are more targeted towards kids but that doesn't mean adults can play them. Really, games can be a good stress reliever and just be there to make people happy, kid or adult. Plus, I'm sure the people who say that "games are for kids" most likely wouldn't let their child or baby sibling play games like Mortal Kombat or God of War, so their argument is a bit flimsy in more ways than one.
I'm 25 years old but I'm still have a time to play a game.. This not mean that the video games are only for kids they are so many games that adult are enjoying.
Nah, age is not the limit to play. But with the age the taste changes. For example, I'm 22 now and I rarely test out new games out there anymore, unlike in the past I used to download every single one.
Seems like as long as you are taking care of your responsibilities you are fine. I think a lot of people picture the stereotype of the adult gamer as someone who lives at their parent's house and doesn't even try to work and just plays "games" all day, and if that were accurate then I could see why they would scoff at the idea that it's for adults. But a lot of grown people use games to unwind and socialize these days.
No one is too old to play in my opinion, I have 40 years old and I am not ashamed of my age and I recognize that I am playing games like a maniac.
I have often got those taunts that I am too old to play. And that is some of the time sad considering how I am being told about age and what to do. I wonder who gives people right to say that to others.
whoever says this is an idiot. My 82 year old grandma still plays games on her PS4, you are never too old to play! Well, maybe more action packed games.

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