How often do you clean your PC?


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Mar 23, 2019
Cleaning your computer is very important because if you don't take care of it the components might overheat and you know what is following. How often do you clean your PC from all the dust it has stacked inside? What do you use to clean it - air duster, air compressor or you pay someone else to clean it for you?

I remove the dust from my PC every 3 months, at least, using an air duster. It's very cheap - only a few dollars from the nearby store and it gets the job done. I might want to start doing it every 2 months as I feel there is a lot of dust stacked inside for that 3 months period.
What cleaning products did you use to clean your screen and other parts of your gadget apart from hoovering the ventilation? Do you think that keeping electronics free of dirt is important? Why not, or why?
I use a simple microfibre cloth and some screenwash for my TV and to be fair, I generally whack it over my XBOX as well as it does just as good as job. All I tend to do to my XBOX though is give the external bit of the fans the once over every now and then to ensure that any dust lying in situ is got rid of. Same for my PC as well as I appear to have a lot of dust floating about haha.
My current build is actually glass on one side so I'm wiping the dirt and smudges off that thing nearly every week it feels like - but it helps it look pretty like I intended so that's a small price haha. In terms of the dust, I'm doing the same with the external part of the casing where dust may gather but I do generally open it up every 2-3 months for a clean like yourself. Just to ensure it's not reaching dust hoarding proportions. :)
Once a week is definitely worth it if you are planning for the clean PC. Also make sure to stay into the AC based rooms. That way you can easily keep the dust away as well. I guess for each one of us that could be different though.
Once a week is definitely worth it if you are planning for the clean PC. Also make sure to stay into the AC based rooms. That way you can easily keep the dust away as well. I guess for each one of us that could be different though.

Yeah sadly my office at the moment is based in a shed outside in the garden so I'm sure I drag all kinds of things in and all kinds of things get in regardless so I'm a dust-a-holic haha. Good in a way though because it forces me to keep on top of it so at least I'm getting into the habit of giving it a good once-over every now and then to ensure it stays nice and fresh.
I guess in such case it can't be helped because the garden region usually brings the dust. And we have to literally keep the PC in the AC room for this reason. I guess you have to do something like that.
Yeah sadly, I do try to keep the entire place as clean as I possibly can but like you mention, being out in the garden doesn't really afford me that possibility! At least when I move into my new house in a couple months it is going in a nice airy room with a lovely big window for some natural air conditioning haha. How dusty does your PC tend to get @Nova?
My PC gets dusty because I live near a crowded road. And for me it can be pretty hard to clean every now and then. One of my home in the outside the city, it can be pretty good for the computer. Not much dust as less crowd and the cars there.
I clean it every couple months. I have a lot of fans, so it never gets too dusty.
I think regular cleaning makes it easy for the processor and other parts to stay longer and safe. Otherwise it can get pretty difficult for the PC to sustain on the cleaning side.
I have a laptop and no PC I personally use though my stepdad has one. Sometimes I clean off the front but it rarely gets dirty. I'm usually quite fine with letting it sit and not cleaning it since I rarely see any reason to clean it. However the glass and keys do sometimes get dusty. When they do it usually get it off
If you're planning for the clean your computer, it will be definitely worth cleaning once a week so you can keep the dust away easily

I guess that could be different for each of us here. Compressed air and screen wips is the best cleaning products you can use on a PC.
Mine never seems to get dusty. It sits on a wooden table and the room is regularly cleaned. I also clean my laptop on a regular basis.
Well, I don't really have a gaming computer - and I never clean the inside of any of my computers. I suppose I should. However, though, I simply haven't put them in a position where the dust would cause overheating. Anyway, if I did have a gaming computer - the cooling mechanisms are so advanced that it makes no sense to clean. Nonetheless, some person not cleaning could be called lazy - lol.
I try and do it at the start of spring and at the end of fall, usually doing it like that keeps it pretty clean.
At least once a month, should be more. I have seen some terrible machines over the years and hope mine never become that bad.
This week is my cleaning day. I may also have to change the dust bags of the vacuum cleaner. Hopefully this friday and saturday I can get things cleaned. That is something I am planning out in such case.
Once every few years I'll reformat my computer (iMac currently) to ensure clean environment haha.
Cleaning of the PC is something that is necessary especially when you make use of it for gaming. For me, I don't normally do the cleaning as I give it to my neighbor who is a computer scientist to help me to clean it. He does not charge me, but makes use of the PC when he wants to play games as well.

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