How much time do you spend playing games?

well one out of 15 charcters on world of warcraft id clocked 200+ days /played... Monday to Sunday at least 8 hours a day for near enough 10 years... id hate to know the full amount across all games..... let's just forget this question ;)
I'd say lot of games and lot of options there. You have like lot of new games like MOBA category worth trying out.
I'm not spending as much gaming as I used to, but even so, if I get into it I can easily evaporate a few hours when I get into a game. Just on my switch, I am sure I am probably over 500 hours between all games. Then I have the Playstation 4 and past consoles too. I am pretty sure I've spent an amount worth of years playing time. I'm sure I've spent at least the equivalent of 5 years through all my years. Especially if I consider I started gaming since I was like 4 years old with an Atari 2600.
I think due to the Battle Royale many people are kind of maxed out on their quota of the gaming. I am more of into small games or say small tournaments.
Xbox gaming is addictive my brother spent 5 to 6 hours after his full time job to do it. Me 3-4 hours for Tomb Raider only.
I am into more of mobile based games and if you are into the tournament style of the games. I'd say in such case few hours pass pretty much easily. So I think same can be said about the console and also for the PC. Time goes pretty quickly in most of those cases from what I have noticed.
I can't say how much I've played in my whole lifetime, but I've played about 300 hours of Rainbow Six: Siege, 50 hours of The Escapists, 25 hours of Slime Rancher, 50 hours of Subnautica, and 100 hours of Game Dev Tycoon.
(All stats from Steam.)

xenonVirus. 300 hours sounds like a lot, but it probably isn't really that much compared to LP'ers, etc.
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If I get a new game, I'll play it for hours if I enjoy it and provided it's not terribly hard. But you should always take some brief rests as well. :giggle:

Why does this tool keep making accounts and responding to his own posts? This guy (and yes, I know it's a guy) has been doing this for over 2 years now. 2 whole years!

Seriously. This screwball needs to get a life.

I'm talking about the person using pseudonyms such as "mrsflagbottem" and all that. :rolleyes:
I have to be on a few million hours by now lol

Probably thousands by this point lol

Wow, it seems as though I am in the presence of the Gods of Gaming! I bow down to you. :)

Seriously, though! That's a lot of hours spent. From my earlier post where I mentioned my stats, I've been playing games combined for 525 hours. That isn't even half of what CombatMatrix088 and Gamesareawesome have played! Mad props to you two.

xenonVirus. I am truly in the presence of the Gods of Gaming.

Edit: I suck at formatting.
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