How much mobile data is consumed from gaming?


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Feb 7, 2019
Mobile data often gets used when you play games or even do social media and discord. I am trying to find out how much of that data is being used if you plan on consuming the data for your mobile use? How does that work out for you? My data consumption on games on mobile is not much high so I tend to adjust with that just fine. I am however trying to find out though if I can play higher games with that spending.

How much data is consumed on your mobile?
Pay as You Go credit, for £10.00, I receive 4G (4,000MB) of Data although this gets used very quickly using services like Discord and YouTube. It tends to run out within two weeks which leaves me two weeks without 3/4G. I don't want to spend anymore money just to get more Mobile Data so I tend to connect to Free Public WiFi hotspots when I'm out and about.
It seems the data is pretty much expensive in the UK. And it seems like you may have to find out other means to access data like wifi etc. You may notice that people consume more data that way. I have yet to find out better option than phone data though like connecting to those subway data options are better than phone data but not all people around the world have it.
When playing mobile video games you usually don't consume a lot of data and that is completely normal. But a quick way to consume a lot of data is by downloading these games via 3G/4G or whatever you use, browsing a lot - that includes Facebook and other social medias too. Watching HD videos in YouTube drains the data insanely fast. So, it's better to watch them on 360P/480P.
Yes in case of the mobile usually 200MB or so for some of the games. And in other cases, it can get pretty difficult to play the streaming at the same time. I have noticed most of the mobile games with the low data intake but streaming increases the total cost.
I usually just use Wifi but my data can go pretty quick when I'm not. My family pays for it so I'm not exactly sure what plan their on but a few times we've gotten close to the limit in a short amount of time. I currently use Sprint I think. I don't play any games though. Mainly just browse the internet and if my main internet is out then I use my phone.
My mobile consumption is in the range of around 1GB to 2GB. So it can be pretty difficult for me to play some games which consume a lot of data. And also it can be harder when the streaming is there. So I do stream through the phone but think before I stream because it's hard to know if some of such apps can drain more data.
Sadly, I don't normally care how much data that I consume when playing a particular game as what matters to me is the satisfaction that I derive. I can watch short videos daily to get some gaming items and it costs a lot of data, but this is not what I care about since my aim is to defeat the enemies in each phase of the game.

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