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How much longer do you plan on gaming?

Martin Berisford

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I'm unsure about some of you lot here on the forum but I was wondering how much longer some of you are looking to continue 'gaming' as you do now? I used to game for at least 4+ hours a day but as I've got older and a lovely thing called life has taken over my gaming time has diminished more and more. I can imagine by the time I'm 30 it'll be a distant memory for me to game!

Do you think gaming will always be a part of your life or do you think it'll wash away at some point?
I did think that when I got married and had children that I would stop gaming, but think the older I get (I'm now 42), gaming is probably going to be my de-stress thing.
Although recently I'm struggling to complete games as they lose my attention, but probably blame that on the abundance of games on Xbox Games Pass and EA Access that I have building up.


I think I am going to be more and more picky as the time moves ahead. I don't see the strong reason for playing those games. And even I don't see the point of having the games exposure forever. I may stick to few genres in near future.
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