How much exercise are you getting during lockdown?


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Dec 11, 2018
I usually go to the gym about 4-5 days a week but they've all closed down and Boris Johnson only today issued a lock-down which is taking effect as of tomorrow. It's kind of limiting me now. Although we have a treadmill here, it's not the same as running outside but I guess I should start using it more now.

How about you?
Eeehhh not a whole lot other than the 24 minute walks to and from work.
I've managed to do 2 day's with Jo (?) with the little ones at 9.00 via his YouTube channel - man I'm unfit lol
Oof that's ok though, could jog around youe backyard!
my neighbour's daughters were doing that a couple of years ago … literally running round in circles in their garden … looked pretty crazy at the time but I might take their lead on it this year lol
Suprisingly pacing aroumd while listening to your favoeite music can be very relaxing... And its good exercise.
I have 3 little ones at home which are pretty hard work … who knows how teachers and nursery staff manage full days … I would like to do something in the evening when theyre in bed … musics definitely relaxing
I'm as unfit now as I ever was. The only exercise I really get is my bike ride to work. ?
Teachers are a blessing...howcan ppl even consider home schooling much less commit to it ?

PLayernamemax...are you working from home?? ???
Warehouse worker. Dealing with sports equipment: exercise bikes, dumbbells etc.(ironic, I know:))
Oh man I’m just looking to get some stuff... I know ?

Do u guys do ex club used stuff or new equipment?

Many thanks ?
Big change for me! I have no iron to lift at home and all football (soccer) has been called off, so now i'm currently taking a daily walk :(

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