How many times have you completed the same game?


I have some games which I can not get enough of.I finish them times and times again.
Midnight club , Uncharted , lords of shadow and Crash , these are games I can not count how many times hav I


I played Need for speed Most wanted 2007 3 times, and I'm planning to play it again once I have time for it, it's not that special of a game but I love playing it laying down, feels so "free", I played Hitman Blood money twice, I like how you can finish the level in your own style, and of course cs 1.6 I finished all the grounds tens of times.


I keep replaying Gothic, it's an old RPG from 2000's. I played it for like 10 times or so. The atmosphere is great. You're a convict thrown into the barrier trying to survive the hostile medieval environment.


I think I have played most of the modern games repeating times. And I have stopped counting them. Darksiders 3 for example it was done over and over.
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