How long can you go without gaming?


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Mar 23, 2019
Imagine that you need to stop playing video games for reasons or just if you want to see how long you can go without touching the console. So, how long do you think you can last without playing any video games at all? I think that a week at most would be an amazing result for me if I manage to achieve it, lol. But seriously, gaming is my favourite thing to do in free time.
Most was for about 4 weeks, wasn't by choice though. Had surgery on my arm and couldn't play for 4 weeks.
Honestly I went a few months without playing a single game. I spent my time on the internet, posting on forums. Growing up I could have never imagined a day without gaming though. xD I didn't have a computer back then, but I bet if I did I'd probably would have taken a break from gaming to post on forums. Lately I've been dedicating more time to play the many games I have in my collection. :)
I have to practice to go without gaming for long. I kind of struggle with that these days. I personally have no clue on the gaming these days. I guess I have to learn about it to adjust with gaming downtime.
I can go a week, but then I would be really itchy to play. the longest I have gone is about 3 days.
I have managed to stay up without gaming for 2 days so far. Despite having the android gaming phone in hand, I have learned that it can be possible to stay without gaming. Though it can be pretty harsh for us but that habit needs to go.
It depends on how busy I am and what I'm doing to occupy myself during my free time. I could probably go for a while without gaming without any issues really.
I think keeping myself busy with art and the job work can be a good option to keep me away from the gaming. And it can be fun in that context. But I'd say it's better to just have some sort of habit on how much to invest time. Not all people have that much self control if you ask me.

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