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Question How is CFS Related to Autism, Asperger's, & Fibromyalgia?


Do you know anyone who has either autism, Asperger's, FM, or CFS? If yes, here is an interesting read:

There are more than enough striking similarities such as cognition and sensory processing impairment problems with stimuli, marked social withdrawal, increased levels of oxidative stress, and a th2 immune response shift that Dr. Naviaux observes: "ASD and ME/CFS are on the same biological spectrum." He has personally encountered young patients with ASD in his clinic who go on interestingly to develop ME/CFS, and older patients with ME/CFS who develop autistic-like symptoms of social withdrawal, mutism, OCD-like symptoms, and sensory hypersensitivities;54 for certain, these fascinating occurrences are far from being mere coincidences.

Indeed, there are far too many similarities, far too many common symptoms, disorders, and even the very same treatments that relieve several similar symptoms, even showing the same tendency to have a routine-oriented preference and to be obsessive that all these amount to overwhelming evidence that the two principal diseases, CFS and autism (ASD), must without a doubt, share a common root cause, which is revealed when Tito Mendoza, the main character, discovers a two-step procedure, in King of the Bullies, that initiates his lengthy journey to a total recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome.

How They Are Connected: Solving the Enigma of CFS, Autism, Asperger's, and Fibromyalgia

I wish to make one point perfectly clear: the diagnosis itself of all four different syndromes/disorders is currently contributing largely to the general prevailing confusion and mystery surrounding them; the official name change, which I mentioned above, from Asperger's to ASD, is enough proof to show how superficial and counterproductive these labels can be; are we not splitting hairs with these different names? Don't let each syndrome's or disorder's name confound you. Think of the four syndromes/disorders like "bad guys" who cause a collection of many health problems that sometimes overlap; overlapping, for they all belong to the same band of "robbers," each playing a key and harmful role in robbing you out of your precious health.

I know the following statement will raise an outcry from some people with fibromyalgia and Asperger's: since both CFS and FM are so closely-related and autism and Asperger's are also, they are all essentially the same disease with the sole difference being that they differ from one another, from mildness to marked severity in certain symptoms. What is happening is that chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, Asperger's, and fibromyalgia are manifesting differently in different people because of the varying degrees of the root cause that is currently affecting them; the more of this root cause that they have--creating widespread havoc in their bodies--the more severe symptoms they will demonstrate, and accordingly, they will be labeled either CFS, FM, ASD, or Asperger's during the diagnosis. Inversely, the less of this root cause that they have, the less severe symptoms they will demonstrate; thus, some children may be diagnosed to have Asperger's instead of autism.

Let me explain the existing connection another way among the four syndromes/disorders: for example, if four people happened to inhale each a different amount of cadmium, that metal would spread itself randomly and enter various organs throughout their bodies; and since each person could potentially display a unique set of symptoms, depending which organs are affected more, they may each realistically receive a different diagnosis, from the same doctor, or doctors; that is what's happening with CFS, ASD, Asperger's, and fibromyalgia sufferers: everyone affected is showing overlapping and similar symptoms, because they all share the same root-cause.
Source: How is CFS Related to Autism, Asperger's, & Fibromyalgia?

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