How good is Minecraft on mobile?


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Feb 7, 2019
I have played minecraft on PC and also on mobile. But I wanted to compare the experience for people. I know that creative mode is a bit difficult for people to use on the mobile. And in case of the mobile the survival mode can be funny to play. So that being said, which of the model you prefer to play with. And what was your experience with the minecraft on mobile?
I mean, it's the same with a lot of games that have been ported or have a new version of the game released on mobile. They just won't be the same and it will obviously have some issues that result in the game not being as great as the PC or even console versions. But in terms of content, it will be the same and it will just be fun to play on the go if you love Minecraft.
Yes the controls can be pretty weird. And the overall android experience definitely makes the cut. I'd say that mobile games can get pretty much hard on that note. I have had some of my experience to be not much good on that note. I can tell you that it can get pretty different in some cases.
Minecraft mobile is alright, but I far prefer the PC version if only for ease of control and a bigger screen. Still, the mobile version is fun when I haven't brought my laptop with me. It helps pass the time.
Played both, Minecraft PC and Minecraft PE. I was really excited when the Minecraft mobile version was released, and I have been playing it for a while. But soon, I realised that it is not the same experience as playing it on the PC. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that Minecraft PE version exists, I am happy that I am able to play Minecraft on a mobile device, but when I am at home, I would always choose to play it on PC.
I agree that anything serious with creativity can be done on the PC. And pocket edition can be more or less fun for playing with the friends. In that note I'd say that it can be fun to check out those games in such contexts. I guess we learn from the gameplay experience and each one of us can have it different.

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