How do you feel about communicating with strangers online?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
I'm sure in this multi-connected world we've all at some point come across a situation where we end up talking to someone who's probably on the other side of the world, and that's great but is it something you do on purpose? Regularly? For me, I've spoken to a fair few people online when I've been playing games that have ended up as good friends but I've actually also managed to meet a few, including a friend from America who now lives in Scotland, she actually came to my engagement party and it was just like seeing an old friend.

What do you feel about talking to strangers online? Have you ever made good friends or even met some of them?
I have made few good friends along the way. I had some of the worst chat with the SJWs and also encountered some of the racists who hate people outside their nation. So I tend to get along with people but to some extent. I think over a period of time I have improved communication with people in chat and forums.
For my forum, I have people all over the world from the UK to Japan. It's great talking to them.
I am in a host of Whatsapp groups where gamers discuss about games that they have played and I must say that it is an interesting thing since I have made a lot of friends there. Through that means, I was able to see a host of pals here in my country and had a drink while chatting about the experiences we have had playing some games.
Having diversity definitely helps. You tend to get new inputs from different culture. And you can see that people who communicate with different culture tend to be more knowledgeable at the end. In gaming we need such diversity and the exclusivity.
I've never properly met any people that I'm played with online. One of my friends and I were close to a few random kids from the States when I was younger but we lost contact. We used to play GTA Online quite a lot together.
I used to talk to MANY people online and I considered a few of them legitimate friends. We sent each other stuff, had each others numbers, called each other, spoke everyday, etc. I was closer to a lot of my online friends than I was with my real life friends. I don't do it much anymore but as I frequent forums and social media, it's inevitable. I talk to people from all over the world everyday, but it's not as personal as it once was.

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