How do you decide on what game to play next?


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Jan 10, 2019
How do you assess whether your going to download a mobile game? As for me, before installing a game, I love seeing trailers. I read the reviews often to judge a game too.
Screenshots, description and the reviews. If a particular game has reviews that are a bit mixed then I won't bother with it. Unfortunately, you can't rely on the screenshots much either because most people modify them
Reviews and trailers is how I decide. Though I won't lie, sometimes it actually comes down to a simple coin toss.
The reason I always try to get the reviews of friends is to ensure that I focus on doing what is right as regards getting the best from it. What I normally don't like about some reviews is that some may not be honest and you may end up buying or downloading a game that you don't like.
My criteria these days is that I make sure if the game is interesting, has some boss enemy, or has more puzzles. And if it takes less time to download and has lot of campaigns. That works out for me.
I am addicted only towards PC games as they are in Big TV. Ill go with the reviews, but in these days fake reviews are too coming, although ill read and install it on mobile for a starter play.
Well, I don't play a lot of different mobile games but whenever I want to download a new one I check the screenshots and the description first. After that I read some reviews and maybe also check for a video in YouTube to see actual gameplay.
Have you considered using a game recommendation engine to find the best games to play next?
Search for games in your favorite type: strategy, first person shooter, puzzle, etc. What is a recommendation engine? You should choose yourself what game you will like. See trailers of games.
It always depends on my mood. I mean I usually just know some info about the games I'm interested in, I just wait till I have a strong desire to play them.

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