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How do you compare gaming to other entertainment?


Do you find more, less, or the same interest? Well, myself, I don't like TV or movies that much - compared to the net, and gaming is something I haven't gotten into - due to time. Anyway, I suppose gaming could be interesting - if I got into it - but it would never surpass the net (surfing the net, web development).


Gaming is fun for me but I still sometimes enjoy getting on my computer and coding something rather than to always be gaming. It beats out TV and watching movies easily though. Definitely more enjoyable than that. But I more-so enjoy coding something with my IDE or working on my site usually versus gaming but I do enjoy gaming a good bit


I look at it in terms of money. So I have a motive. I don't see the gaming any different than any other industry. It's just that gaming has more damages mentally and also physically. Many people need to watch how much they are invested into the environment.


Just as fun as any other form of entertainment. Sometimes I like to alternate between devices depending on my mood. It's nice to take a break and watch something or browse the Internet. This way, I won't get bored as I'm not constantly gaming.


Most of my fun is around coding and gaming though every now and again i do watch a movie or too so i would say that watching a few horrors with my partner helps relax the mind from all the developing and gaming resting the eyes from the computer screens.

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