How do I get the Xbox (Beta) app on Windows PC?


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Sep 26, 2019
I'm trying to install the xbox app for windows because I did the $2 for 2 months ultimate deal. Yet whenever I try to download the app for it it just sits on the opening installer screen forever. I have checked and I do have the latest version of windows.reverse phone lookup

Also I was told that I would be able to play Gears 5 with this game, but on the website it makes it seem like gears 5 with gamepass is only for xbox consoles. Is this accurate?nba redditpcpartpicker
I don't think the XBOX apps are designed for PC based installation but if you can get it to work then it is good. I personally don't prefer such sandbox based installation though.
I have no idea why the VPN on windows idea is being shared for the xbox post.
I would reach out to Microsoft if you still have issues, they should be able to figure out the issues.
Well I think this is more or less customer service issue that needs to be solved from what I can see.

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