Home theatre PC lagging on 4K videos


Mar 1, 2019
I have a small pc that is hooked up to my home theatre setup and when I try to run 4k videos it sort of runs jittery and the experience isn't satisfactory, A friend suggested that I'm lacking GPU power that's why videos are lagging, is it really the case? As far as I know CPU causes video playback lag? I have an i5 6500 installed in that pc. Also I'm considering to buy the 1050ti mentioned here is 1050ti overkill for my needs? I only want to play movies and stuff and no games. Other cards mentioned in the article are worthy if we take price in the concern?
Check out this thread: What is required for 4K displays (movies, light gaming) - Forums - PCPartPicker

Most of what I've read around the web indicates that the integrated GPU should be plenty to run 4k movies. The user "fellway" in the above post says, "Any GPU that's at least as strong as a 750 can handle 4k resolution for video streaming without a problem ". This indicates that 1050ti may be overkill. He also provided a part list for that PC build.
You may actually need the strength of an i7, it also depends how old your GPU is. Also are all the cables running between your setup good?

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