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Mar 7, 2023
Hogwarts Legacy consists of a total of 12 door puzzles, each of which contains an enclosed area surrounded by ten symbols that resemble magical creatures from the wizarding world. Besides, at each door there is a chalkboard with two number puzzles in a triangle shape. Once you solve these puzzles, the door will open and you'll be able to claim the reward inside.

To solve the number puzzles, you need to locate two stone switches on the adjacent walls. One is labeled with a single question mark (?), the other with two (??). Although they can sometimes be hard to find, they are always near the locked door, and when you cast Revelio, they light up blue, making them easier to find. Remember that sometimes one of the switches can be on the floor above or below, so it's important to point the camera up and down during the search
Once you find the two switches, choose the symbol that corresponds to the solution of the puzzle on the board. The goal is to make the sum of the three numbers at the corners of the triangle equal to the value in the center of the figure. You may be curious about how to determine the number each symbol represents, and this is where the decryption key comes in.

To solve the numerical puzzles on the door, it is essential to have access to the decryption key. The code for assigning numerical values to the magical creatures is as follows: Demiguise is assigned a value of 0, Unicorn is 1, Graphorn is 2, Hydra is 3, Fwooper is 4, Crab is 5, Lizard is 6, Octopus is 7, Spider is 8, and Multi-headed snake is 9.

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