Hobby Lobby told managers to 'make every effort to continue working the employees' and denied employees paid sick leave


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Dec 11, 2018
In a memo sent to store managers on March 23 that was obtained by Business Insider, Randy Betts, Hobby Lobby's vice president of store operations, wrote that the company "is going to make every effort to continue working the employees." In cases of illness, Betts wrote that sick workers would be required to use personal paid time off and vacation pay or take an "unpaid leave of absence until further notice."

According to the memo, if a store is required to close because of a state or federal mandate, employees will first be required to use "all available paid time off benefits." After those resources are depleted, workers will be eligible for "emergency pay" that is 75% of their regular rate of pay, and the payments will be made not based on scheduled shifts, but rather "on the average hours during the previous six weeks."

If those employees quit, I won't blame them. Telling your employees to "work that they will make every effort to continue working" in the middle of a giant health scare is a great way to have them not work.
It's kind of like that here at Staples and local gaming retail stores, really sucks but for some of us we do still need a paycheck.

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