Hobby Lobby owner David Green is telling store managers to stay open despite the pandemic because his wife had a vision from god

That is not an excuse to risk the health of their employees and their 5 whole customers.
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What ridiculous logic that is, and the nerve to tell people to "tighten their belts" when he's sitting pretty on a multi-billion dollar fortune and his frontline employees work for peanuts. Guy needs a bit of a reality check.
I agree. l He's probably locked away safely while his employees have to face it.
Oh most definitely. He'll have some mansion safely tucked away from society where he can hide out and keep himself safe, far from the realities of everything. His poor frontline employees, who have to work the job to survive are forced to keep going and put themselves at risk because his wife says so. Logic is definitely not his strong suit.
I wonder how many people will start not coming into work in protest haha.
I guess David Green can chalk this up as another way of how to not treat your employees during the coronavirus outbreak.
Probably going to lose many a customer over this, too.

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