History of Road Rash (1991-2017)


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Feb 7, 2019
Since 1991 this game is going on. And a lot of fans are increased over a period of time. I have noticed that there are some interesting changes that happened for this game. And you can see that road rash being one of the powerful game of old times, soon it was shadowed by the GTA series. But still this history of changes definitely made it an interesting game.

This looks like a fun game. I liked playing Twisted Metal Black on the PS1 for a vehicle fighting game. The new PS1 classic release has twisted metal installed by default and is a good choice too. But Road Rash, that looks like a really old game. And it looks fun as well. Great share @Nova
Yes it is old and fun game. And over a period of time it started from 8Bit games to the modern graphics. I think the game has traveled a lot from the over a period of time. I can tell you that similar games came out from the market and it is not easy to get those games. Lot of them are old and it's hard to find collector for things.

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