Hijacker Jack - The first real-time FMV / FPS crossover game - A story based adrenaline bomb!

New IDEA Games

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Jan 13, 2020
HIJACKER JACK - Famous. Wanted. Live like Jack!

We are New IDEA Games - a small indie developer team, delivering innovation in mobile gaming. After two successful releases, having more than a million players, let me present our newest and biggest project: Hijacker Jack! A real-time Full Motion Video game, where you can control real life videos in a story based, action-packed adventure.

Gameplay / story trailer:

The story
  • One day just a simple man, lives in the jungle - the other day wealthy and wanted. Money changes everyone? Do you know who you can trust and who is a wolf in sheep's clothing? Play this unique game to figure out and live the adventure of Jack!
  • Interact with several characters!
  • Explore amazing locations!
  • Play car chasing, skydiving, FPS action scenes and more!
  • Use the new Combo system in fight missions and parkour!
Make story decisions and have a Karma
...and try to reach all 4 different endings!

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