Help Setting Up Gaming on PC (on home network/NAS)


Mar 24, 2020
Hi Everyone

Total Newb to gaming (and home networking ?) so please be kind...I really hope you can help!

I literally just bought a gaming laptop (Win 10) for CAD work but with this Coronavirus lockdown I don’t have much work to do and more importantly have 3 little kids in the house. The eldest (about to turn 6) loves mine craft and given that we’ve just had to cancel his birthday party I thought it would be nice if I could set up a TV with my new laptop running some games for him.

Thing is, in a ideal world the laptop wouldn’t be in the same room. If possible, I’d like to buy a NAS drive where the games are stored that’s somehow networked to my Laptop which displays the game ona (networked?) TV without thelaptop having to be in the same room.

I don’t know if the above is possible but if it is id be really grateful for any help and advice.

I’d also need to buy controllers (2x?) preferably Bluetooth given the younger 2especially.

Apologies for the super basic questions and apologies if I really should have a better clue ?

Many thanks
Zigs ????
When you say NAS drive are you talking about a full-blown NAS setup, like a Synology box, or are you talking about an external hard drive connected to the router to work as a shared drive? Either way can be done, but I'm not sure how you would expect to control the game on the TV if the laptop is elsewhere. Minecraft works better with a keyboard and mouse than a gaming controller, and even the best gaming controller needs to be within a certain distance of the device it's connecting to, so if the TV and laptop are separated by a couple of rooms, the controller may not function or may lag, and since it's minecraft, you're likely going to need a keyboard for some of the extra functions.

Just thought I'd get a little clarification and see if I can lend a further hand!

(as an aside, if you are going the NAS route, maybe consider digitizing your DVD/Blu Ray collection and setting up a Plex server for the kids, too, it's like having Netflix with complete control over what they watch and no monthly cost)
Hi PGen98

Thank you so much for your reply!

Yes Synology is one of the brands that popped up on the Scan website. It’s that type of setup I was thinking about. Originally I was planning I’m just using it for backing up work stuff but mainly to have movies and music, especially for this kids as yousuggested (I don’t know how to actually set it up so also grateful for any posters, links to good YouTube/tutorials and any hardware/software you advise I get so I can get it all together).

One thing I was wondering is that I’ve heard that games need fast “connections” so is it worth having at least 1x SSD in the NAS box where the games can live?

I ran some CAT 7 wiring for IPTV (that I planned to use for this, home office in time (the time’s arrived ?) as I didn’t want to rely on WiFi.

Re the laptop, if it can be in a room next door or in the same room but up on a shelf that’s fine. Mysmallest one (1 year old) sometimes enjoys bashing things so it can be in the room but out of reach so that was my main concern ?. I didn’t want wires ck trollers because I know the 1 and 3 year old will enjoy playing with the wires.

Are the keyboard functions on Minecraft easy enough for a 5 year old? I’m happy to buy him a wireless keyboard too if better for him. I’d like the controllers for other games (is like a tennis and car game) and he’s mentioned Fortnight and Fove Nights at Freddie’s but I’m not sure they’re suitable for him given his age (I’ve not seen what they’re about yet).

Thanks again!!!
Hi Ziggy,

"One thing I was wondering is that I’ve heard that games need fast “connections” so is it worth having at least 1x SSD in the NAS box where the games can live? "

This is definitely recommended, though technically they don't NEED to have fast connections, using an SSD compared to HDD will just make the games load much faster as your SSD will not need to manually search for the game like an HDD.

I don't think your 5 year old will have many problems using a keyboard for Minecraft! They are all quite basic. Though if this is your "Work" laptop, it would still be very beneficial to create the NAS storage so you don't have to pollute your laptop with downloads, etc of the games.

I have attached a quick video below showing how you can setup a NAS to play games, and with this particular NAS (Asustor NAS) you would be able to directly play the games straight off the NAS, HDMI connection and all, without them actually having to use your laptop :)

Hope this helps,
Hi Bunker Hosting

Thanks a lot for this. I’m hoping to get a 4-bay NAS so willstart with an SSD for the games and a Firecuda or Barracuda Pro for backups, music, movies etc if that seems sensible. I'm guessing i can buy 2 more drives later if needed?

Playing off the NAS drive sounds good. Could they be in any room with a TV and would it work via Ethernet? The NAS will live in a small home office where we won’t have a TV.

I’m happy to use my laptop of it is “better” than the NAS you linked or allows more flexibility in terms of which room they can play on. As long as it can sit on a high shelf or console table rather than under the TV within easy reach of little hands it’s ok.

In terms of keyboards and controllers...any ones you’d recommend or recommend I avoid?

Many thanks again!!!
Yes you are right, you don't need to fill up your NAS right away; You can just add the other 2 drives whenever you need the space!

Playing off the NAS would impose the same problem with not wanting your laptop in the same room, though the NAS would be much easier to keep "hidden" in your main gaming space, compared to having your laptop accessible to your kids!

Most generic controllers from amazon are great, and i personally use this keyboard on my desktop that is connected to my TV.
If I can help anymore just let me know :)


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