Headphones or Earphonles: debate

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Out of headphones and earphones, what do you favor? My vote has been casted for Headphones as they extend over the ears and I've established their more cosy.


When I was young, my uncle used to run a computer rental shop in which most computers use headphones for for sounds. But now that I have my own personal computer and laptop, I now prefer to use earphones. It feels lighter and doesn't strain my ears, neck, and head as much as the headphones do. I still have headphones and it really has a great quality, but the more I use it, the more I easily get tired and can't play too long anymore.


My vote goes to the earphones because it just works out no matter what we do. I can tell you that there are times when the earphones have saved a lot of space for me which over the ear headphone never did as it required more space.


I always have used headphones. I find them much more comfortable on my head and also the quality is better. I always manage to get the earphones out of my ears somehow and they were always falling whenever I tried to play with them.


I think new designs of the earphones are definitely not meant for someone like me. I prefer to use those classic earphone designs which are more suitable for the sound quality.


If I'm gaming online or on my PC or PS4, I use headphones, especially for CS:GO. If it's on my phone or Switch, I'm using earphones.


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In terms of quality, I've found that nowadays then tend to be quite the same - especially when I swap between my Bose headphones and my Bose earphones anyway. When I'm gaming though, I always, always will prefer a big chunky headphone set on top of my head. The amount of semi-raging I do when I play games I do need a nice sturdy pair which will sit on my head. Like Gopnik I always find that my earphones want to play hide and seek and will regulary eject themselves. Who needs that when playing games?


Seinheisser is my favorite option when it comes to the headphones and the earphones. It seems like much reasonable and cheaper option overall if you ask me. And they also have lot better sound quality. So I'd recommend them for anyone who is into gaming or so type of options.


Earphones for me. I have some Sennheiser earphones and they are amazing for music and gaming. The only problem for me is that it has an inbuilt mic and I don't want to talk to random people all the time so I have to create a party and then put myself in it.