Have you played Halo Wars? If so, what's your impressions?

Joshua Farrell

Jun 7, 2019
Any of you played Halo Wars before? If so, what is your take on #1 or #2?

When it comes to games like this, I love playing them, because it allows for better overall strategy making. It doesn't bother me that the game is from the 3D top down model. Even though I do enjoy 1st person shooters plenty, I still like the fact that it is easier to conduct strategies in this game, then to try to get everyone playing to follow a strategy, when everyone isn't playing from the same location.
I played Halo Wars on 360. I think it was a decent game. The controls were quite good for a console. But RTS games are not my thing, I played it because I was a huge Halo fan.

I guess I should give a try to Halo Wars 2 one of this days though.

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