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Have you hydrated today?

None, I stopped drinking bottle water sometime ago do to a few fears of the plastic and the fact it might not really be filtered correctly. I just use a filter for my own water and use an insulated bottle to hold it.

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Yeah - luckily for me my office is right near one of those fancy water dispensing things so I use it often as an excuse to take five mins to just stand up and swig a glass down me. Think I've probably had 2ish litres today which isn't a bad haul on the old hydration front! Rather annoying though when I need to use the loo several times a day.
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True story:

I went into the ER when I was like 13 because of dehydration. Make sure to grab a big gulp and fill that with H20 2 times people.
My ability to Hydrate is about as lacking as there is water in the grand canyon. I try to hydrate all the time but you know that feeling when your not thirsty and you don't wanna drink anything? that's me all the time šŸ˜“
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