Have you ever wrote a complaint to a gaming company?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
Simple question this one, has anyone ever gotten so mad at something you've taken the time to complain to a games company? Did it work? For me, I got caught up in a ban-wave on Runescape when they were purging bots. Keep in mind, I ran some bots to farm gold for my main account which was actually a legit account but during that wave, my main got wrecked along with the rest. I of course went nuts to Jagex (despite the fact I probably deserved it :p) but in the end after a ton of complaining I managed to get my nice legit main back. Was a good day :D

What about you?
Who wrote a complaint to a gaming company here? What caused you to complain? What was the final outcome. Have you received from buisness a satisfactory response and result? Share below your experiences
I often send the bug requests to the developers of the realm defense. And so far the games such small as that are often having the bugs. Which I often look at and report the bugs to developers if noticed.
I never wrote a complaint for a gaming company. Most have all been good though I was thinking of writing one for Treyarch considering how unplayable the game has now become. It's just unsuitable for a good time. Not worth playing but I still play it because "hey" it's call of duty.
I am the same as above i have never complained but i have submitted bugs or glitches to the games developers to help them improve the game.
I think complaints do make sense if they are having something legit which can affect the gamers. like say bugs, download issues, points or the connection. If those things are managed properly it can be pretty interesting to handle those sort of complaints.
I don't hesitate to write complaints when I notice that the game that I am playing is having a bug. So far, the response has always been good and the developer finding solutions to it. I play some popular games that the developers don't joke with responding to complaints such as Top eleven and clash of clans.

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