Have you ever tried playing video games in school or at work?


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Jan 10, 2019
If you are a learner or a employee, be truthful. Have you ever happened to bypass the Internet censorship to connect to unblocked games during work or school? Please inform us here at JoyFreak. Did you ever get caught? What was the consequence?
This thread remind me of those days that I used to work at a gas firm. I go to the office with my laptop that have got loads of offline games on it. So, I don't really need the internet to connect as making use of my laptop is enough. Yeah, I have been caught once by the boss and was given a warning at the next meeting.
I do remember fun game websites being blocked often at school, of course it was very easy to get around that block. For when one door closes, many more open.
Having a Gameboy at school wasn't a problem for me, nowadays I can afford to buy some Nintendo DS console or play on a smartphone.
I have played the games in school. But I think it' should be banned and avoided. Because it takes a lot of our attention. And we have to understand it's not good because it makes people ignore the studies. And something that should be limited in the school.
ofc after school i am running to hug my pc and start playing counter strike global offensive and its my every day life ^^
I think mostly battle royale type of games are worth playing. Like say fortnite and the PUBG. It can be pretty fun to play the game as it's definitely lot of fun on in there.
me and some friends, when we had math class and got to use the computer room at school (early 00s) would usually hack the network and run Warcraft 3 FFA LAN games, but we had to constantly alt+tab out when the teacher came by, which could lead to some serious casualties. xD

Also we had another class where the teacher was into games, and didn't really care much for his job, so he let us play civilization 3, and would give us tips along the way as we battled it out with eachother. Sometimes he didn't give a flying fuck, and the whole class would be playing CS 1.5 deathmatch. :p

Then I got to high-school, media & communication education, and well.. basically we just sat at computers all day, supposed to edit videos and images in photoshop and such... well... rarely anybody did anything. mostly the whole class was either discussing WoW that just released, looking up exploits for it, or just playing silly flash-games competing against eachother for the highscore.

Was fun! No laptops back then - except you could get some sort of a massive brick of a slowass laptop with limitations on software if you had some learning disability.

My cousin used to be a sercurity guard someplace, and well... you could say he got paid very well for playing WoW 8 hours a day xD
LOL ! I have a tv and ps4 in the top of my tool box at work . My boss doesn't care what I do as long as the work I need to do gets done and if I manage to have down time I do what I want.

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