Have you ever taken part in any video game championship?

One of my friend was challenging me for the tournament in the nearby city. I thought it should be too much crowded place. So I didn't go there. But overall such places can be fun if you are not planning to play. I have my own reasons to avoid them these days.
I wouldn't mind, and though I like to think my skills are rather good, I'm sure I would get creamed by the pros unless I had a lot of luck on my side.
If we're counting stay-at-home FIFA tourneys with my mates, then yes I have took part in such championships haha. On the real though, I've honestly always wanted to take part in championship-style games but I know in my heart of hearts that I am nowhere near good enough to probably even qualify, let alone hold my own against people who could probably take me down in 5 seconds. At this point in time, I think gaming will be staying as a passionate hobby for me as opposed to a career choice.

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