Have you ever sold an online game account or character?


Jan 31, 2019
I am not sure if this is still something that occurs a lot but I know that a while back players of games like World of Warcraft used to level up their characters and then sell them. I'm not sure exactly how against the TOS for Blizzard this is but I think sites like eBay forbid it. Have you ever sold an online game account or character? What outlets did you go through?
I'd not buy anything from activision and blizzard combos. I think at the most league of legends and mobile legends accounts are atleast worth buying. I mean it's hard to reach ranks. I'd not mind selling some of such account if I reach that stage.
I personally haven't, but I know a couple of third-party marketplaces that specialize in selling things like that such as Fortnite accounts, CS:GO accounts, you name it. Heck, there are even boosting sites. Despite most video games not allowing trading or selling accounts, there's definitely a market for them.
I've done it for both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale on mobile. You don't make a huge amount but it's not too bad
I haven't, although I did have one or two offers for my old xOBKx Xbox account - largely owing to the fact that a few of the games that I finished on it can no longer be done because of bad game patches and/or server shutdowns. I ended up keeping it though because of the amount of digital games that I purchased with it, a serious amount of money would have to have been offered to make it worthwhile.. Not that I play on the console anymore!
I'm not going to lie, might have to pay a guy on Xbox to change his username so I can take it properly. I had no idea another DarthHazard existed but its the only platform that its taken on.

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