Have you ever regretted buying a game?


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Feb 2, 2019
This usually happens (a lot) to those impulsive players who buy all kinds of games and don't usually filter their spending with any kind or seaching, haha! They'll almost certainly regret buying some games very often.

So, would you be one of those people? Haha!
I have nothing to upset on buying games because I haven't bought one. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) I like to play with free games and used to play on my cousins gaming boards. They usually invite me to play since I am their best competitor. Our games usually start with calm manner and end up disagreement. We are more on the level of greediness than friendly. I have nothing against people who are buying games since it's always their choice. We need to respect it. They just have to remember before buying to make research and review on games for those worthy purchase.
I never regret buying a game because before i purchased a game i'm watching first some trailers or reviews about the game always thinking that if the money is worth on this game....And i'm also checking the gamepla. on every game..
I once bought Tomb Raider: Underworld, it was a long time ago but I spent a lot of time playing it, till at a certain point it just got monotonous for me I couldn't play it any more it felt like a homework instead of a fun game, adding up to that I was still young at the time, I wasn't really a big fan of mystery and all of that but thinking back about it now, I would like to play it again.
I never regretted when bought a singleplayer game, but I did pay like 30 USD for Nosgoth, which eventually closed...
I think this year I purchased few micro costed platform games. And I think I have lost some money in that. But overall I'd tell you it's not that bad if you lose it on android store because those games can be cheap.
I now regret a lot of my choices back during my younger days when the only gaming buying guide I had was a magazine and even that. These days I wish I had bought a whole lot different games.
Far Cry 5. Hated that game but realised way too late to be able to return it to Amazon. And it's not worth much as a trade-in game so I just kept it
Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn't so happy about Rayman. I expected it to be like Mario or Donkey Kong. Anyway, the main problem was that it was simply boring - and I was wondering if I was playing it wrong, making it boring!

O.K., another bad game was Paper Mario. However, though, I believe a cheat guide might have solved the problem. The problem being that I had no clue how to get out of the first level.
I think the feeling of downloading something out of nowhere is pretty quick for me on the android play store. And I am aware of the fact that gaming can be pretty difficult on that note. I know one thing for sure that buying games should be done in limited context though because we would end up buying things we may regret.
Never regret, when I buy a game, I played it at list at trial game and feeling it is really interesting to go with paid version then I will buy without thinking more.

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