Have you ever had to replace your device?


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Jan 10, 2019
I wonder if anyone here has ever repaired, replaced, repaired or unlocked their device because of a device fault? What's the problem? Where did you have your platform repaired?

How long was it taken to be fixed successfully and what was the end result?
I have replaced the gameboy and the SEGA consoles back in the arcade days. And things do get damaged even today. I think the quality in past those games were lot better designed than now in terms of the box quality.
No and I hear it's painfully expensive to replace for example a PC or Laptop. In the United States they got this service called Geek Squad but it costs so much to fix that you could practically buy a new PC or Laptop for the same cost. So I buy Toshiba laptops which have in best-case scenarios lasted me about 5 years and when it goes out I just buy a new one. Some things like game systems can be worth replacing however other things such as computers are better off with a new one
I think PC and console replacements are more costly. And even worst part is that the device replacement may cost some really worst things that could happen. I'd try to avoid the device replacement scenario in the first place and take care of the devices where I am gaming or using the PC.
Fortunately, I have not had issues with my device. There is something that I have noticed about the devices that I use and it is that once I handle them wiring care, it won't always develop faults. So, I always focus on ways that I can keep my gaming console in top condition.

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