Have you ever had a gaming franchise 'marathon'?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
I'd love to see which of our lovely JoyFreak gamers have had a long sesh on a particular game before. In terms of your gameplay, has anyone here ever just tried to play an entire series from start to finish (hopefully not in one session...)? I'm thinking like playing all the GTA's through in order, or all the Far Crys, Fallouts etc. For me, I'm sort of doing that with GTA right now although I'm not doing it in order.

How did you find your marathon? Did you manage to make it all the way through or did you need to give up?
Never tried any specific gaming franchise for long enough. I kind of jump frm one game to another. And it works out for me in terms of the boredom. And keeping up with new games every now and then can be fun if you ask me sticking with one franchise at a time for playing games.
I have for kingdom hearts in order to get ready for KH 3, sadly it got a bit delayed but I still replayed everything up to it.

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