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Have you ever engaged in a fight whilst playing video games?


Back in those days, going to game house to play our favorite game is something that is nice and okay. However, the fights that always occur between gamers at the gaming house is something that I never liked and that made me to get a personal gaming console then. I never got involved in game fights, what of you?


Goldneye, Perfect Dark and Mario Party games ruin so many good moments and friendships back in the day. I do miss those days...

I reminisce about those days as well. The good side of fighting while gaming is that, in most cases, it can build up the relationship and make you become better at the end of the day. No friendship lost as you two can play games the next day.


I had arguments with some people. And it was reasonable on that context. But nothing that I am going to stretch much or it can affect my personal and mental health. So better to avoid getting into the fight.

Martin Berisford

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Yeah, that obvious choice of FIFA based fight has cropped up many times with me and my friends lol. Nothing friendship ending but some of mine (and theirs) zingers have left some big impressions when we've had a shouting match over it afterwards. We all have a good laugh about it though and see it as just part of the fabric of playing FIFA together lol.
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